AHL (Animal Health Limited) is a New Zealand owned company with a long-term goal to establish an innovative, service-oriented organisation that is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of animals.


  • improve animal health by providing innovative services and products based on sound science and research

  • partner with the veterinary profession to develop solutions that will enable them to enhance the services and products provided to their clients

  • maximise the nutrient value of formulations by using only quality ingredients, and where possible, to utilise certified organic products from New Zealand


Dr Chris Piper Dr. Chris Piper BVsc MRCVS
is a small animal practitioner with 35 years of clinical experience and a special interest in holistic medicine. He integrates homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition and dietary supplements to complement his orthodox skills in his Auckland practice.

AHL utilises the specialist knowledge of nutritionists, clinicians and pharmacists in the development and formulation of products.


GREAT & SMALL range of products.

Vet's Choice This logo encourages the use of the profession as the preferred source of advice and prescribing.


To provide integrated solutions from:

Nutrient formulations:
Balanced nutraceutical formulations are compounded to provide additional nutrient support for well recognised conditions.

Dietary Supplements:
Supplements are formulated from essential nutrients to fortify all types of diets and to ensure optimum nutrition for animals at different ages and stages of development.

A broad range of high quality nutrients are selected and blended for their synergistic effect. They include glandular and tissue extracts from animal, plant and marine sources, as well as vitamins and minerals. Whole extracts with an inherent balance and synergy of nutrients are preferred as the synergistic effect of all ingredients is sought.

Formulations incorporate knowledge of the dietary sources available to animals in the wild. Full label description of ingredients and their active moiety is provided with every product, and scientific references are available to support inclusion of ingredients.

A general information card with advice for animal owners is available with most procucts.

Manufacturing Policy

Nutrients are extracted and prepared carefully, preferably by freeze-drying to preserve biological activity, enhance bio-availability, and prevent nutrient damage and deterioration. Manufacture is carried out in MAF certified premises, and raw material and finished products are stored appropriately.